About Us

  Founded in the early 1980's, the North Worcester Business Association boasts more than three decades of service to its members and the greater Worcester-area community.

  In recent years, the NWBA's roster has grow, making the Association one of the largest organization of its kind in the city.

  One of the NWBA's primary goals is to promote Worcester as a growing community to do business with.

  Officers, directors and members of the NWBA are active on a number of fronts, in a continuing effort to help one another achieve success in the marketplace while giving back to all  our  neighborhoods.

  In addition to the "living sign" that we created and maintains along I-190, the NWBA also hosts monthly noontime events and 2 social functions in the evening(June and December).  It has participated in local cleanups on Earth Day.  It  has donated to various individuals and groups undertaking worthwhile causes.  It has taken positions on such hot-button political issues.  Every year, we  purchase and deliver food baskets,(50) to the homes of elderly residents of North Worcester.   And it acts as a go-between so that members can stay connected with other business-oriented groups operating in New England's second-largest city.


           WE ARE STRONG, GROWING, AND INVOLVED                                           

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